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About Give4u

Give4u is an organization that has been operating in Israel since 2017 and its goal is to help the needy all over the world.
Give4u was established out of a vision to make a real contribution to the community, to minimize poverty and maximize peace and is not for profit. Give4u was founded on the basis of a global social network to contribute to the community, both to man, to animals and to the environment. Give4u.org

We charge an operating fee for the maintenance of the site and the association in the amount of 1% of all donations. The balance of the donation (99%) is transferred in full to the needy

Please note that there is a fee charged by us PayPal (currently 5%) We transfer money exclusively through PayPal as this is the safest way to transfer money.

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Please note that direct collection of funds will not be possible but only through organization. For example: a patient who wants to raise donations for surgery - the money will be transferred to the hospital while presenting documents accordingly. After the short registration, your details will be checked by cyber police. Only those who meet the criteria of give4u will enter the database